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Accuride Wheels Troyes S.A.S. is part of the Accuride group. The group also has three facilities in Germany and one in Turkey. Our complete portfolio includes steel wheels with a rim width from 3” to 28” and with diameter from 12” to 38”.


Accuride offers a large range of steel wheels for the car, truck and truck-trailer industries and many other industrial vehicles. It also manufactures steel wheels for agricultural machines, tractors, car trailers, caravans, unimogs and buses.

Every year 19,1 million wheels for light vehicles, about 3 million wheels for trucks and truck-trailers, 1 million wheels for car-trailers and caravans, and 800,000 wheels for tractors, construction and agricultural machines are produced in our factories. In 2012, we had 3,700 employees, and the consolidated annual turnover of our holding was about €550 millions.


Accuride Wheels Troyes S.A.S.